Shoot Smart – Mobile Movies

Shoot Smart – Mobile Movies was an exiting research project aiming to uncover methods and technology that would make it possible create cinema quality films using only iPads. I worked with Big Voice Media as one of the organisations chosen by Into Film to research this concept.

As part of the project I ran workshops in four different Yorkshire schools with the aim of guiding the students in the composition of soundtracks for each of these films. The students constantly astounded me with the scope of their ambition and ideas, and the end musical results reflected this. The quality, flexibility and artistic possibilities for using iPads in this way blew me away too: by the midway point of the project I was even using iPads for the composition of some private commissions and am planning on using them in future live performances.

Meredith from Big Voice on Vimeo.

The resulting films – intertwining naturally with their fantastic soundtracks – were a motley array of surreal stories including horror, movie trope pastiches, and heart-warming tales all created with live action filming and stop-motion animation. The application of tablet technology in this way was an immensely freeing experience and I can’t wait to use it in future projects and performances!

Play Room from Big Voice on Vimeo.

The whole project was such a success that one of the films, Monkey and Wombat, went on to win Aardman Animation’s Golden Morph award for animation at the annual IntoFilm awards!


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