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Fairytale Lab Workshop

Back in April I spent a day in Leeds, working with the artists from the 154 Collective to workshop of ideas and themes for their upcoming production Under the Bed.

It was a joy as always to work with the collective. Situated among their growing artworks in the grand setting of a Leeds Central Library gallery, the musical ideas came quickly. And this poem written by Dan Mallaghan, to which I set music was one of the fruits of this collaborative project.

I also ran a soundtrack composition workshop in the afternoon. Using solely iPads for this, and drawing inspiration from the 154 collective’s artwork, the participants came up with some fantastic and often of-the-wall compositions in that short timeframe.

It was great fun and a lot was squeezed into those few hours that I was there. The final production is still being developed over the coming months and I’m excited to see how it all ends up!

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